"Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole" - Roger Caras

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Having acquired a Lhasa Apso puppy who very definitely had a mind of his own, we soon found ourselves at a loss as to how to control his behaviour. Our previous Lhasa had been no trouble at all, but Raffles was a real challenge. A friend put us in contact with Lisa and she came to see us and our bundle of mischief. Lisa quickly homed in on the main issues and gave us tips and guidance on how best to help with his separation issues, impulse control and bring some balance into Raffles’ life. Even during that initial visit, Raffles very quickly began to respond to Lisa’s low-key commands. Immediately thereafter, we began to see improvements in Raffles’ behaviour whilst using kind force free positive training techniques. Lisa certainly set us on the right path to where we are today, as owners of a wonderful, intelligent, canine member of the family, oozing with personality and (for the most part!) very well-behaved... We would certainly recommend Lisa!
- Richard & Ann Bell

I adopted a lovely rescue dog, Dexter a staffy x sharpei, and was having a few problems with him being reactive with other dogs whilst on the lead, barking at the gate at passing dogs and his obedience in general. This made me lose my confidence in Dexter and especially whilst walking him.. Lisa came to do a consultation and wrote me an easy plan to follow.
She quickly pointed out that the lead and collar I was using to walk Dexter wasnt really suitable and didnt give me safe control and advised walking Dexter on a harness and training lead.I did this and immediately I felt much more in control and was able to handle Dexter so much better. Lisa gave me lots of advice and tips and showed me what to do if we encountered another dog on our walks and how to deal with the situation swiftly and safely.
Lisa also showed me how to distract Dexter away from the gate, work on reinforcing our recall and also demonstrated basic obedience exercises .She gave me lots of ideas and tips on how to improve my relationship with Dexter, build my confidence and also how to introduce "mental stimulation" into Dexters daily routine with interactive toys and games".
Lisa has been a fantastic support to me and has given me 110% back up ,guidance and help since her visit and Dexter has improved in so many ways and so has my confidence!
- Janet & Dexter

Lisa is a wonderful, caring and compassionate dog behaviourist and all round advocate for bullbreeds. She was there for us every step of the way for our dogs, Flynn and Freddie, when she came to do a behavioural consultation and gave us

endless support , help and advice until we felt confident and the issues were resolved .
There is nobody we would trust more with our dogs than Lisa and not only does she care so much about the dogs but she cares about the owners too!
- Shannon and Hayley, Flynn and Freddie

Lisa came to do two 1;1 training sessions with us and our choccy lab Cadbury.
Cadbury was pulling like a steam train (especially if she saw other dogs) and also her recall was just non-existent!! We were getting so frustrated and it was becoming an unpleasant chore to walk her. Lisa recommended a really good harness and training lead to use and demonstrated how to get Cadbury walking "with us" on a loose lead rather than dragging us down the street and how to focus on us instead of other dogs.
She also taught us how to build a reliable recall and we got amazing results from just one session. We would highly recommend Lisa... not only is she professional, knowledgeable and understanding but she is very down to earth... and Cadbury adored her.
- Kelly and Cadbury

When meeting for the first time it is obvious that not only does Lisa love dogs but she has a wonderful understanding of them too - their behaviours, characters and needs. She has found two rescue dogs for us and nobody could have chosen better. They have both fitted into our family home and lifestyle so perfectly. We truly believe that this is because she listens to what people say, asks pertinent questions and then goes that extra mile to ensure that she is placing the right dog with the right owner and home. Nothing is too much trouble for her.

Lisa's post adoption advice has been sound; anything from training tips and diet to natural remedies, which ensure good canine health. She is a fantastic communicator, with a depth of canine knowledge and immense patience. She has supported and encouraged us through difficult times with our dogs and also shared in the joy that they have brought to our family.
- Susan and Jackie Burton... Max (R.I.P), Angus and Bella

I have just finished having one to one puppy training with Lisa and I have been highly satisfied and would recommend her services to other puppy owners.It has not only been very good for my puppy, Buddy the Cockapoo , but also for me ...,plus I have peace of mind knowing that I can ring Lisa at any time if I need any future help, advice and support .
-Betty and Buddy

Lisa at St Rochs was recommended to us by a friend for our Border terrier Burt who was showing aggression towards people and other dogs .His issues were getting worse and we had no idea what to do and his behaviour was making our lives a misery.
When Lisa came to do our behaviour consultation she was very professional and thorough and explained in depth why Burt was reacting the way he did .We immediately felt at ease and reassured that we could work on Burts problems.
We have now completed our behavioural adjustment sessions and feel so much more in control , relaxed and now understand how to help Burt gain confidence too and learn that the world is not such a scary place .She has literally helped us to change Burts and ours lives .
- Liz and Phil Rayner and Burt the Border Terrier

I have known Lisa for the last 12 years. She has become not only a valued source of information, but a close friend.
We met through a Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue site, which I had recently joined. Never having had any sort of terrier before, I felt I needed knowledge of the breed and their characteristics from more knowledgeable people. Lisa of course gave me so much good advice, being an experienced keeper of the breed for so many years.
Before rescuing Lulu, our bitch, we had Dachshunds for over 35 years. I had also been a voluntary breed advisor for Dogs Today for a number of years. You can imagine that suddenly having a Staff in the home was very different!
Realising the terrible plight of so many Staffordshire Bull Terriers, I decided to put together a book, in an attempt to show the other side of this breed that is so often maligned in the media. First came “Why a Staffie?”, followed a couple of years later by the 2nd edition. These books, I am pleased to say, raised much needed funds for a couple of rescue associations.
I could never have contemplated compiling either book without Lisa's help. How she found the time to help me, as well as all the wonderful work she does rescuing Bull Breeds, assessing them, then placing them in loving homes, is beyond me.
I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone needing help with their own dog. In my opinion you couldn't find anyone better.
- Carole Collier