"Reach deeper during training and find a way to connect with your dog from the heart, not a lead and collar" - Zak George

At St Rochs we offer a variety of 1: 1 training sessions that are tailor made to you and your dog’s requirements whilst taking into account your lifestyle and abilities. We always try to include all members of the family where possible.

You may feel that you would like to brush up on your basic everyday commands such as sit, down, stay etc. or alternatively there may be something in particular that you wish to address. for example, …your dog JUMPS up at visitors, your dog doesn’t COME BACK when called, your dog PULLS on the lead.

We don’t like our dogs to be robots at St Rochs and we do not strive for dogs just to be obedient so that we can show our authority over them and exert our control. We prefer our training to be fun but to focus on keeping DOGS and HUMANS safe and teaching the essential life skills that are needed in modern society.

We understand that every dog and every owner is different and so we treat all our clients, both dogs and owners, as individuals.

Here are a selection of some 1:1 training sessions we offer. All our sessions are priced at £30.00 for 1 hour or £55.00 for 2 hours including notes and handouts where applicable.

Clicker Training

Clicker training is a fantastic way to mentally stimulate your dog and for teaching and shaping new behaviours and tricks. It is a precise training method that marks the “correct” behaviour that you wish your dog to do. By using a clicker which makes a distinct “click” sound it tells the dogs that exactly what they are doing at that precise time is right. When followed immediately by a reward such as a tasty treat then that behaviour is reinforced. This means that the dog is highly likely to repeat that behaviour.

The clicker provides a consistent marker, and is distinct from other signals in the dog’s environment, and so tells the dog that what they did was correct and that they are now going to be rewarded for getting it right.

Clicker training is fun and highly motivating not just for the dog but for the whole family.

Scentwork/Scent games

Did you know that dogs can find 2 grains of sand that smell different on a beach 1500 ft. long, 150 ft. wide and 40 inches deep?

Did you know that they can detect cancer cells present in humans just by sniffing a urine or tissue sample?

A dog’s sense of smell is far superior to ours and it is safe to say that they literally see the world through their nose!

By engaging your dog and allowing him to participate in scent work/scent games then it is a fantastic natural outlet to channel their energies and thus mentally tire them out. A dog’s olfactory system takes up a huge part of their brain and “scenting” is exactly what they are designed to do.

It is a fantastic way to build a bond and deepen your relationship / trust with your dog and as an added bonus is a brilliant stress reliever for them too… perfect for rescue dogs.

Let us show you how to unlock your dog’s potential and turn them into a budding “sniffer” dog by finding hidden treats or learn how to “track” and find lost iems and even humans.

Let us show you how you can easily incorporate scent games into everyday life and make your dog truly happy by allowing him to do what he does naturally.

Reliable recall

A whole session dedicated to one of the most important life skills you can teach your dog and one that could someday literally save his life.

We will show you how to set the seeds for success before you even step out of your front door. We will teach you to find out and understand what truly motivates your dog. We will show you how to gain a reliable recall using whatever “motivates “you dog and strengthen the bond between you and your dog in the process.

Leash Handling Skills / Loose Lead Walking

A whole session dedicated to leash handling skills and perfect for dogs that pull on the lead or are reactive on lead.

We will demonstrate different leash handling techniques, using a harness and a training lead or harness and a 5 metre long line, that are appropriate for YOU and YOUR dog whilst keeping you both safe, allowing some freedom and maintaining control.


Walk and Train

These sessions are available for a variety of your requirements. We come and accompany you on one of your daily walks to give you help, guidance and training with specific issues that you maybe encountering such as pulling on the lead, confidence building for both you and your dog, recall issues etc. Or it may be that you would just like to make your walks much more interesting and engaging so we can show you how to build fun into your walks, interact with your dog and the environment, and generally strengthen your relationship and enrich your dog’s life at the same time. A dog who is “mentally exercised” tires much more physically than a dog who is “physically exercised”.

We only use positive reward, science based, force free methods on all our training sessions and do not use or tolerate aversive equipment of any kind such as choke chains, prong collars, shock or spray collars.

PLEASE NOTE ... If your dog has behaviour problems such as fear related issues, phobias, compulsive behaviours, hyperactivity, reactivity towards other dogs, animals and people, separation anxiety, resource guarding, predatory chase issues etc. then we recommend that you read our BEHAVIOUR CONSULTATION page and contact us ASAP to discuss how we can help.