About Us

"Dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen" - Orhan Pamuk

Welcome to St Rochs Canine Consultants

We are a small dog training and behaviour business, based in West Yorkshire and beyond, dedicated to helping owners and dogs achieve a harmonious relationship based on understanding, communication, trust and mutual respect.

We offer PUPPY TRAINING, 1;1 TRAINING, BEHAVIOUR CONSULTATIONS, GROUP SOCIAL WALKS and RESCUE SUPPORT and specialise in giving PUPPIES the very best start and rehabilitating RESCUE DOGS.

We believe there are always reasons for a dogs unwanted or inappropriate behaviours and we can help teach you to understand why your dog behaves the way they do from a dogs point of view. We will then teach you how to deal with the unwanted behaviours in a kind and positive way and teach the desirable behaviours instead.

At  St Rochs we believe that all dogs and their owners are individuals and so all our training and behaviour modification programmes are tailor made to you and your dog.
We are always very mindful that we take into account, the dogs needs as a breed and as an individual, and that every plan and programme we set also allows the dog simply to be "a dog".

We are also very mindful that some  owners have to  juggle busy lifestyles or have specific needs and so we will aim to integrate training and behaviour  programmes into those lifestyles  with as minimum disruption as possible but  to ensure optimum success and achievability .

St Rochs Canine Consultants guarantee that we will only use POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN, FORCE FREE methods. We will never use aversive training techniques  such as lead jerking/corrections,  pinning, rolling, shouting and physical punishment  or  use aversive training aids such as spray and shock collars, rattle bottles, prong collars and training discs. Using physical punishment and aversive training aids can totally destroy your relationship, bond and trust with your dog and its well being and can make problematic behaviours  worse.

So who is St Roch?

St Roch is the patron saint of many things but significantly to us he is the patron saint of DOGS and DOG LOVERS.

Meet the Team

Lisa Widdop

St Rochs Canine Consultants founder and head Trainer and Behaviourist is Lisa Widdop.

Lisa is a lifelong dog lover and owner, and currently has a staffy called Dottie and a staffy cross called Elsie, and both are rescue dogs. She has over a decade experience of working with rescue dogs of all breeds and in particular stray pound dogs, bull breeds and cruelty/abuse cases.

Lisa has worked alongside many rescues in all aspects of rescue work, has rescued, rehomed and rehabilitated dogs herself and has fostered for rescues. She has also previously volunteered for a dog walking business and currently volunteers as a helper for a dog training and behaviour education company. She has also worked alongside dog wardens and the council in setting up community projects for dog welfare and neutering campaigns.

Lisa is passionate about all dogs and it is her mission to help teach humans to truly understand dogs so that they can communicate effectively and live harmoniously together. She hopes that through educating the dog owners of today... and tomorrow... she can help more dogs to stay within their homes rather than being abandoned or handed into rescues. She also strongly believes that empowering puppies and their owners with the very best start in up to date, scientifically proven training methods is essential to ensure those puppies wont end up in the rescue system and that owners are well equipped and educated to prevent future problems from occurring. Lisa believes that putting the hardwork into training and socialising your dog in the first 12 months is an investment in both you and your dogs future happiness!

Lisas fascination and passion for dog psychology and behaviour began when she adopted an ex cruelty case rescue staffy boy, Alfie, with challenging behaviours 8 years ago. His rehabilitation led her on a very long journey into studying and learning and which she still continues today .She credits Alfie, as to where she is today, and believes that he taught her to truly understand dogs. She feels that her experiences with challenging behaviours enables her to feel real empathy and understanding for clients who are having difficulties with their dogs.

Lisa is also a dedicated advocate for bullbreeds and believes that no dog should be demonised or vilified because of the way they look or because of a few irresponsible dog owners that give them a bad reputation. She believes that ALL breeds of dogs have the potential to be dangerous in the hands of irresponsible owners and is committed to helping to change public perception of these often maligned breeds.

Lisa uses her own dog, Dottie, as a stooge dog to help teach puppies and also to help children who are afraid of dogs. Lisa has a keen interest in and also participates in scentwork, trick dog training and Parkour with her dog Elsie and is passionate about the use of scentwork in behaviour modification and training programmes.

Lisa feels that it is not only crucial, but that she owes it to her clients and their dogs, to continue with her education and studying and to pass that knowledge on to help as many owners and dogs as possible.

Lisa is a proud member of the following professional organisations;-

  • Full professional member of the Pet Professional Guild and abides by their principles and code of ethics.
  • Full professional member of Dog Welfare Alliance
  • Talking Dogs Scentwork Members Club
  • Working towards full professional membership of the APDT and ABTC

Qualifications, seminars, courses and webinars attended;-

  • ADTB - .Silver Level Instructors Diploma
  • IABTC Approved Assistant Pet Dog Instructor
  • IABTC Advanced Canine Behaviour And Modification
  • IABTC Teaching Puppy Classes/Running Successful Puppy Parties
  • IABTC Clicker And Target Training Level 1
  • IABTC Basic Agility Training For Instructors
  • Behaviour Adjustment Training, Frustration And Fear - Grisha Stewart
  • Interactive Play Workshop - Craig Ogilvie
  • Aggression/Behaviour Chains/Husbandry Training - Ken Ramirez
  • Fixing The Unfixable- Separation Anxiety - Malena Demartini
  • Puppies-Getting It Right From The Start - Karen Pryor Academy
  • Impuslivity And Compulsivity In Dogs - Dr- Robert Falconer-Taylor
  • Trick Fandango - Nando Brown
  • Canine Play - Sheila Harper
  • Canine Zoopharmacognosy Workshop - Sheila Harper
  • Training Reactive Dogs - Brenda Aloff
  • Askham Bryan Canine Conference – Aggression - Steve Mann /Deaf and Blind - Dogs Morag Heirs
  • Advanced Clicker Workshop - Alasdair Bunyan
  • Emotions In Dogs; Emra - Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor
  • The Real Dog Yoga Workshop - Preston Trick Dogs
  • Giving Dog Training Back To The Dogs - Chirag Patel
  • Dog Training Fundamentals - Morag Heirs
  • Open Paw - The Kennel Programme-Kelly Gorman Dunbar /Clare Williams
  • Tellington Ttouch Training For Professionals - Janet Finlay
  • Dogs That Bite And Fight - David Ryan
  • Predatory Chase - David Ryan
  • Reactive Dogs - John Rogerson
  • Understanding Your Dog - Carolyn Menteith
  • Dog Law - Trevor Cooper
  • Emergency First Aid - Rhodes To Safety
  • Canine Nutrtion And Raw Feeding Seminar - Caroline Griffith
  • Dorwest Herbs - Product Knowledge Advisor
  • Talking Dogs scentwork levels 1 -5

Upcoming courses and seminars;-
  • Advanced diploma in canine behaviour management
  • Abnormal and repetitive behaviour clinic - Animal Events UK
  • Control Unleashed 2 day workshop - Leslie McDevitt